Learn how to establish strong working relationships with your customers.

Healthy stakeholder relationships are essential for success in L&D. When key relationships are working, it’s easier to deliver successful projects, you’re treated as a respected partner, you enjoy the work more, and you grow your influence. But it’s not always easy to build and maintain strong stakeholder relationships, particularly when you have to balance multiple customers with competing interests. The good news is that there are proven skills, tools, and mindsets you can rely on to build and maintain healthy stakeholder relationships. That’s what we cover in this course.


Leaders who run L&D teams
Professionals who run L&D projects

Your people will learn how to:

Properly think about healthy stakeholder relationships
Be aware of the main things that trip up those relationships
Prevent various stakeholder priorities from getting misaligned
Realign stakeholders who are not seeing eye to eye
Establish expectations
Establish boundaries
Enforce boundaries in a diplomatic way
Say “no” without seeming like you’re saying “no”
Diplomatically handle unexpected project changes/problems




Your site or ours


4 hours (half a day)

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