Learn a practical framework for driving behavior change deep into your organization.

L&D often finds itself in the middle of or leading the way on major change initiatives. This makes sense. For change to happen, the workforce needs to have the required skill. But workplace behavior is influenced by far more things than just skill. Whole Person Learning is a framework that L&D professionals can use to ensure that their learning solutions take into account the variety of factors that influence workplace behavior. This course teaches people how to use the Whole Person Learning framework to lead change programs.


L&D professionals

Your people will learn how to:

Why skill is not sufficient for workplace behavior change
How the Whole Person Learning framework addresses broad behavior change
How to properly assess the current behavior state
How to define the desired state and to identify gaps
How to plan for behavior change




Your site or ours


4 hours (half a day)

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Ready for true behavior change?

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