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We don't just create learning experiences. We change behavior.

Whether you’re trying to reach a tough audience, managing difficult organizational dynamics, dealing with complex subjects, or grappling to better define your goals, BCL can help you clear the way for true behavior change. Our process gets right to the real problem at hand and our people are masters at creating learning solutions that stick.

We’re proud to partner with some of the world’s leading organizations.

Guiding Principles

The most important part of designing a successful learning experience? Truly understanding the problem at hand. We invest extra discovery time at the start of a project so we can deliver extraordinary results in the end.

Every organization has its own culture, context, and operational challenges. We’re experts at helping clients navigate multiple stakeholders, complex topics, and budget constraints.

Our north star is always your organization’s unique culture and context. So when we suggest a learning technique, you can trust that it’s right for your project, not just what’s trendy right now.

We recognize that what counts most is what happens after people engage with our work. So no matter where we are in the process, we always have our eyes on the end goal: real, sustained results.

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The real problem we're trying to solve.

Even projects that look simple on the surface often turn out to be trickier than you’d think. We invest extra time at the beginning of the project to ensure that we truly understand the task at hand, the goals you’re trying to meet, and all the organizational dynamics that can impact your success.

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the insights that drive true behavior change.

An effective learning solution is driven by the unique demands of each organization and the learners: What are the actual behaviors that will lead to success? Diving deep into the program goals allows us to uncover insights that drive learning strategy and design, which ultimately influence your project’s success.

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our creativity to create something new.

Our work is always based in rigorous science, but there’s an art to learning design, too. We believe that creativity is a powerful tool to connect with learners in new and innovative ways. After all, training is more likely to encourage real change when learners are engaged and motivated. We’re proud to create unexpected solutions you won’t get from anyone else.

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the impact of our work.

We’re obsessed with results, which means our job doesn’t end when the learning begins. Whether through pre- and post-surveys, implementation measurement, or qualitative learner feedback, we’re committed to making sure that our work drives behavior change and impacts the desired business goal.

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We create multifaceted training solutions that include one or more of the following components:

Custom Course Design

Educational Videos
Interactive Games
Live Workshops
Explainer Videos
Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)
Custom Online Academies

Performance Consulting

Needs Assessment
Competency Model Design
Learning Pathway Design

L&D Optimization

Learning Organization Strategy
Process Definition and Optimization
Learning Team Effectiveness

We're grateful to be recognized by Brandon Hall Awards

Best Use of Mobile Learning
Best Certification Program
Best Results of a Learning Program
Canine Coworkers

Ready for true behavior change?

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