Harnessing a Sales Team’s Competitive Fire

Challenge: You can build it, but they might not come.

Senior leaders at a successful life science company needed reliable data from the field to help steer the company. To accomplish this, the Business Intelligence (BI) group needed the field sales team to document their activities using an enterprise software tool. The problem is, they couldn’t or, in some cases, just wouldn’t. This created massive headaches for BI staff. Support tickets piled up, company records were left incomplete, and BI couldn’t fulfill its responsibilities. Making matters harder was the fact that BI had zero authority over sales personnel, and employees tended to dismiss training as just another item on an already too long to-do list.

Insight: We had to get into their heads.

Right away, we knew that the primary issue wasn’t lack of skill – it was an attitude issue. When we dove deep into their motivations and habits, we discovered that there’s nobody more competitive than a salesperson. Rankings matter to them and they’re driven to be the best. We decided to create a learning experience that would harness their competitive fire.

Solution: Follow the leaderboard.

We created a competitive event during which sales reps raced to get the highest scores in a series of online microgames. Winning required mastering a specific set of software skills. As they played each game, their progress was tracked on a public leader board, with sales reps moving up and down day-to-day and hour-by-hour. This turned a functional training into a full-on battle to dominate the sales tool.

Results: Total training domination.

Every member of the sales team completed the game within the timeframe, something BI has struggled to accomplish for years. Many employees played multiple times, trying to beat their personal bests (and getting more comfortable with the tool in the process). Our clients even fielded requests from people outside the sales team, who had heard everyone buzzing about the game and wanted to get in on the action.

By crushing participation goals, and with incredible enthusiasm mind you, our client was able to gather the data needed to produce valuable insights to Senior leadership for strategic decision making.

Ready for true behavior change?

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