Learn how to get your people excited to learn.

Motivated learners will find value in the most poorly designed resources. Conversely, the best designed instruction will have little impact on the unmotivated learner. That’s why it’s important for L&D professionals to understand the psychology of motivation and to acquire a set of tools that can keep learners engaged and motivated. This course introduces L&D professionals to the essential motivational theories (like self- determination theory and gestalt theory) and helps learners connect those theories to practical application.


Any L&D professional who designs and/or delivers training

Your people will learn how to:

Be aware of the main areas of psychological need (the four human drives)
Understand how those areas of need affect motivation
Be aware of the main levers that can be pulled to influence motivation
Recognize moments when those levers could and should be pulled
Analyze a situation and identify optimal tactics for keeping learners motivated




Your site or ours


3 hours

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