Learn the art and science of using visuals to strengthen understanding.

Visuals can have a dramatic impact on our learning solutions. The right visual can make it much, much easier for someone to understand a complicated concept. The right graphics can help learners organize topics in their minds, better remember what they’re taught, and help immerse them in the instruction. That said, there’s a science to the use of visuals with a significant research base behind it. This course covers the best practices for using visuals in instruction and the science behind them.


Any L&D professional who pulls together learning materials

Your people will learn how to:

Understand and apply dual-coding theory
Decide when to use and not to use visuals
Determine the right sort of visual for the right type of content
Use text and graphics together effectively
Design effective graphical organizers to help visualize curricula
Apply a simple drawing method that anyone can use to sketch visuals




Your site or ours


4 hours (half a day)

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