Elevating Learning Team Effectiveness

Challenge: The Learning Organization needs its own learning and development.

A billion-dollar bio-pharma company had a successful track record of delivering learning to its commercial employees. However, the Learning & Development organization itself lacked the frameworks and resources to develop its own people. This resulted in a missed opportunity for L&D team members to fully realize their potential of serving as trusted advisors to the broader organization.

Insight: We couldn’t just offer a few development opportunities and call it a day.

We knew that it wasn’t just a matter of sharing a list of training programs. If we did this, team members might approach the programs with enthusiasm at first, but they would likely fall by the wayside as routine role commitments took priority. Instead, the L&D organization needed a framework, practices and supporting tools that would not only cultivate a culture of growth and development, but also hold managers and team members accountable.

Solution: Build the framework and the tools.

We worked with our client to develop the following:

  • A Competency Model for the Learning Partner role.
  • A Map of Illustrative Experiences that Learning Partners can seek to demonstrate each competency at its desired proficiency level.
  • A Leader Guide that provides instructions and resources on how managers can support and develop their teams through a formal Developmental Journey.

Results: The groundwork for a culture of growth and development.

Leaders within the L&D organization have already started to leverage the Competency Model, Illustrative Experience Maps and Leader Guide to develop their employees in a more structured, consistent manner, with positive reaction to date.

In addition, our client has asked us to build a formal Learning Pathway that will serve as a roadmap for Learning Partners as they navigate growth in and beyond their roles.

Ready for true behavior change?

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